Kindergarten Section

Kindergarten Vice Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

IPS-J Kindergarten Section prides itself on its position as the happiness and safety haven for all its students. While ensuring an age-appropriate curriculum that suits the different needs of students, we work simultaneously on the total development of the child, namely: physical, social, emotional, cognitive and linguistic. We believe that all children have the right to learn and grow in a safe and caring environment, with our school's vision, mission and core values paving the path for the future leaders of the 21st Century.

Having the word 'fun' at the core of our teaching philosophy, we formulate our curriculum around the play- based approach, where all our students are encouraged to learn through play with a galore of activities that support each and every concept in all the subjects that we offer.
Our teachers recognize that learning is deeper and better retained when presented in a novel, interesting manner. They work hand-in-hand with parents in order to bring out the best in their children and help them overcome all the difficulties that they might encounter.

Our calendar is rich with events, celebrations and activities that include color days, healthy week, book week, innovation week, Sports Day, Show & Tell on Stage, weekly assemblies, trips, Multicultural Day, Happiness Day. In addition to our all- year-round campaigns: I LOVE UAE, Healthy Lifestyle, Innovation, and Happiness. Our after-school activities offer a range of activities to meet the needs of our students whether athletic artistic or scientifically oriented.
Our facilities provide indoor and outdoor spaces for more activities and play-based learning, and our Innovation & Happiness Hall is well equipped area, where all the students have access to for exploration, independent play, and sensory activities.

We start every school year with tears resulting from separation anxiety and end it with a big smile and lots of loving and memorable moments, where students have gone through a major transformation, developed in all areas, and gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the different fields/ subjects taught. We are so proud of all our students for the great achievements that we witness as the school year comes to an end.

Joins us for a fun-filled school year!! 

Rola Zein / KG Vice Principal


KG Curriculum
- Child centered curriculum focused on thematic units and play based learning involving students' intellectual, cognitive, social, physical and emotional development;
- Students learn the foundational reading and English & Arabic language arts skills that set them on the path to become lifelong readers, writers, and effective communicators;
- Math, English, Arabic, Science, Islamic Studies including Tilawa (Rayaeen Al Qur'an Competitions), Arts, Health & PE are integrated in the student-centered curriculum

The KG Section comprises 26 fully equipped classrooms, indoor and outdoor play areas, ICT Lab and a Multipurpose Common Area

Our KG Sections:
PreKG: Age 3 to 4 years
KG1: Age 4 to 5 years
KG2: 5 to 6 years


Al Wasl Rd, 7 th St.
Jumeira - Dubai -UAE


Phone: +971-4-3945111
Fax: +971-4-3943040
P.O. Box: 37090, Dubai -UAE

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