High School Girls Section
Vice Principal's Message

Dear school community.
A very warm welcome to the Girls Middle and High School Sections at IPS-J.

@HHSKHMohd: #EmiratiWomensDay: “Behind every great community stand great women, leading each generation and raising our families and nation higher. Yearly you’re stronger, better and more beautiful; the strength of our nation.”

‘Impossible is not in our dictionary’ is Sheikh Mohammad’s famous dictum. This quotation and inspirational Emirati women motivate us at school to develop and improve programs and curricula that help meet the aspirations of the ever dynamic and evolving vision of this nation. #Ministry of Possibility, Happiness, Tolerance, Food Safety, Environment and Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence, Future Accelerator- some of which are headed by women - #UAE Council of Scientists #Space explorations and Youth Innovations…

It’s the vision of such great leadership that inspires young ladies to peruse education and dreams that seemed, not too many years ago, remote to them. Such motivating words, reinforced by our school’s vision - A Generation of Heritage Guardians and Global Thinkers – can only result in a generation of inspirational young ladies, generations of young ladies that are fiercely proud of their nation, Emirati culture and identity. They are young women heavily invested in the pursuit of life- long learning; they know it will open realms and doors of success that will help their beloved UAE achieve the vision set by its phenomenal leadership.

Our young ladies at IPS-J are active and dynamic students who will be ready to face, once they step out of High School, the challenges of the 21st century. They would have imbedded
the values of their school


into daily practices. We, at IPS-J, are committed to ensure they be well qualified and apt in subject content as well as hard and soft skills. Throughout their journey in the school, they will be encouraged to question and investigate; think critically and analyze; be creative and innovative; understand emotional intelligence and social responsibilities; seek knowledge and be life-long learners; make mistakes, step up and learn from them, start again, and never give up; and always look beyond the obvious and given in the search of knowledge, personal growth and happiness.

Our journey and road to continuous growth and success is a collaboration between all stakeholders of the school: students, faculty & staff, and most importantly, dedicated and committed parents. This dynamic is the cornerstone of each success story. The list of successful alumni is ever-growing, making it our most valued asset and testimonial. As we bid farewell to students every year upon graduation, we will continue to live by HH Sheikh Mohammad’s philosophy

“We are proud of our past and our present, and we face the future with unflagging determination.”

Nathalie Shaar / High School Girls Section Vice Principal


Al Wasl Rd, 7 th St.
Jumeira - Dubai -UAE


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