Al Ittihad Private School–Jumeira is one of the five Al Attihad Private School branches and opened its doors in 1998. 
IPS-J is serving a community of over 2800 students and has become one of the premier Schools in Dubai offering an American Curriculum. The school follows a standards-based US curricular program (California and MOE standards) from Pre-K to Grade 12 designed to prepare students for post-secondary education. IPS-J is an inclusive school offering a learning support program, which enables the admissions of a managed number of students requiring learning support at each grade level.

Admissions Procedures


To begin the application process, please complete the Al Ittihad Private School – Jumeira Online Application
Click Here


To complete the application process, please remit an Application fee of AED 500 plus VAT. This fee is non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-deductible and is due at time of application along with the following documents (a refund may be granted if the school is not able to offer a seat to the applicant): 

• (3) Recent colored passport size photographs

• Copy of student’s birth certificate

• Copy of student’s vaccination card

• Copy of student’s passport with valid residence visa (for non-UAE citizens only)

• Copy of student’s UAE I.D. card

• Copy of parent’s UAE I.D. card

• Copy of School reports for the last 2 years to include most current report

• Copy of recent Standardized Assessment if available (MAP, CAT4, etc)

• Recommendation Form to be completed from previous school (Form for KG, Form for Gr. 1-5, Form for Gr. 6-12)

• High school students (Grades 9-12 or equivalent), who are transferring from a different curriculum school must seek UAE Ministry of Education approval. Students are required to apply for an Equivalency of their Grades 9-11 reports from the Ministry of Education through the below link. You can also view the steps and the required documents for the Equivalency via the same link:

• Reports of any previously identified special education needs including Individual Education Plans (IEP/LP’s), educational psychologist or              other therapist reports 

• Transfer Certificate from previous school * Sample Transfer Certificate

Transfer Certificate: The Transfer Certificate (TC) is a document required by UAE Ministry of Education to register a student in any school in      Dubai.
• Student current attending a school Dubai will request a Transfer Certificate (KHDA) from their current school.
• Students transferring from USA, Canada, Western Europe or New Zealand require a Transfer Certificate with Stamp from current and Principal    signature (see sample of TC)
• Students transferring from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries require a Transfer Certificate Stamp from School, Principal signature,          and stamp from Ministry of Education of the GCC country.
• Students transferring from all other countries require a Transfer Certificate with School Stamp, Principal Signature, Stamps from the                    country’s Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy in that country. 


An Assessment/Entrance Exam will be scheduled upon completion of Application. If the applicant is able to provide recent copies of CAT4 or MAP assessment, he/she will not be required to take an assessment.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine the student’s readiness to attend Al Ittihad Private School-Jumeira and to determine additional Learning Support if required by the student.

Pre-K, KG1 and KG2 students will undergo an interview with our Early Childhood team to determine eligibility. 


Once the assessment has been completed, the student’s file will be sent to our Admissions Committee for review and a communication will be communicated to the parents within a week.

Students who are granted a seat will receive an Offer Letter or a Waitlist Letter (should a seat not be available at the time). Waitlisted students will be notified as soon as a seat becomes available.

Parents who wish to accept the seat will be required to submit a New Student Registration Fee (10% of annual tuition fee) within 14 days to secure their child/children seat. If the seat is not secured within 14 days, the child/children will be placed on a ‘Waitlist’. The New Student Registration Fee is deductible from the annual tuition and not refundable except for special circumstances such as family relocating out of the country/Emirate or other unforeseen circumstance. 

Age Requirement and Grade Placement

Al Ittihad Private School – Jumeira will place students in age-appropriate grade levels in accordance with the Ministry of Education/KHDA regulations. Please note, that regardless of birth date, students currently attending another school in Grades 1 to 12 will normally be admitted into the Grade level immediately following the Grade they are completing or have completed.

Age as of August 31Al Ittihad Private School /12 Grade schoolBritish Curriculum Schools/ 13 Year School
3Pre-KgFS1 (Nursery)
4KG 1FS2 Reception
5KG 2Year 1
6Grade 1Year 2
7Grade 2Year 3
8Grade 3Year 4
9Grade 4Year 5
10Grade 5Year 6
11Grade 6Year 7
12Grade 7Year 8
13Grade 8Year 9
14Grade 9Year 10
15Grade 10Year 11
16Grade 11Year 12
17Grade 12Year 13
Student Withdrawal

Students withdrawing from the school must submit written notification of their withdrawal to the Admissions Office. A 30-day notification period is required to ensure all necessary existing documents are ready at departure (Please see School Financial Policies related to Parents for Withdrawal refunds).

For those students moving to another school in Dubai, KHDA guidelines require all student moving to another school within the UAE to obtain a Transfer Certificate from their current school to complete the registration at their new school. Student will be required to remit AED 120 administrative fee (this fee is collected on behalf of KHDA) to obtain the Transfer Certificate.


Registrar - Ms. Sally Abbasi

Phone: 04-3943040 (Ext: 255)



Al Wasl Rd, 7 th St.
Jumeira - Dubai -UAE


Phone: +971-4-3945111
Fax: +971-4-3943040
P.O. Box: 37090, Dubai -UAE

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