School Philosophy

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IPS-J promotes high academic standards, global citizenship and responsibility within a supportive learning community that is deeply grounded in UAE’s rich heritage and culture. We offer a student-centered approach to learning and teaching. Our curriculum allows students to develop and commit to the understandings, skills and dispositions of global citizenship, leadership, creativity, innovation, and sustainability.

Our Mission

IPS-Jumeira provides a nurturing learning environment which motivates students to develop and exercise essential leadership skills for the 21 century. Our programs promote lifelong learners who display self-discipline, the ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams, display tolerance and acceptance of other, whist encouraging them to become global citizens who stay true to their heritage.

Our Vision

“A generation of heritage guardians and global thinkers”


• Tolerance
• Compassion
• Resilience
• Innovation
• Honesty
• Respect
• Collaboration


Al Wasl Rd, 7 th St.
Jumeira - Dubai -UAE


Phone: +971-4-3945111
Fax: +971-4-3943040
P.O. Box: 37090, Dubai -UAE