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School Clubs

Dear Parents,
After School Activities play a vital role during the pandemic. Dedicating time to extracurricular activities during the pandemic provides with a sense of normalcy and social connection amid uncertainty. We are increasingly trying to improve opportunities for students to engage in school life amid the new circumstances. With the approvals from KHDA and Dubai Sports Council, IPS-J would like to announce the ASA program for Semetster 2 organized by the our sports academies partners as per the following: 
• Clubs will be held between 13/02/2021 till 25.03.2021. Face to Face ASA will run from 2:30pm to 3:30pm,
(except Tuesdays from 1:15pm - 2:15pm). While Virtual ASA will run from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

• Duration per club is two hours per week (6 Weeks)

• Maximum Capacity: 10 students (as per the Health and Safety Policy). Swimming Club: 5 Students max.

• Face to Face Clubs: Parents schould make sure to pick up their child at the specified time at the end of the activity.

• In the event that the parent is late for more than two times to pick up their child, the school will be obliged to take further actions.

• All payments are added to your child’s school account (no cash payments)

* Uniforms are optional. 

For further details please contact "Activities Coordinator" Ms. Nour Al Tawalbeh 04-3945111 / 056-6006605

DayClub / ActivityFor Grades
SundayBasketball Gr. 4-5 Boys 
SundayFootball Gr. 4-5 Boys  
SundayBasketballGr. 4-5 Girls  
Sunday3D AnimationVIRTUAL
SundayArtificial IntelligenceVIRTUAL
MondayBasketballGr. 1-3
MondayKarateGr. 1-3
MondaySwimmingGr. 1-2
MondayFootballGr. 1-3
MondayFilm MakingVIRTUAL
MondayMobile AppVIRTUAL
TuesdaySwimmingGr. 3-4
TuesdayKarateGr. 1-3
TuesdayBasketballGr. 4-5 Boys
TuesdayFootballGr. 4-5 Boys
TuesdayBasketballGr. 4-5 Girls
TuesdayArtificial IntelligenceVIRTUAL
TuesdayFilm Making 1/5VIRTUAL
WednesdayBasketballGr. 1-3
WednesdaySwimmingGr. 1-2
WednesdayFootballGr. 1-3
WednesdayMobile AppVIRTUAL
WednesdayVirtual RealityVIRTUAL
Wednesday3D AnimationVIRTUAL

Al Wasl Rd, 7 th St.
Jumeira - Dubai -UAE


Phone: +971-4-3945111
Fax: +971-4-3943040
P.O. Box: 37090, Dubai -UAE