Career and College Counseling

The role of Career and College Counseling unit (CCCU) at IPSJ is to help high-school students become aware of the broad range of available careers that meet the evolving needs of the workplace and learn how to connect their interests and skills to an educational pathway that leads to rewarding opportunities in their career choice.

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The unit provides the following services for IPSJ high-school students:
• Orientation Programs:
A full orientation program is dedicate for students from 9-12 to learn more about IPSJ graduation requirements, credit hour system, elective courses for every grade level and the learning opportunities arising through the whole academic year.

• Private and Group Career Counseling Sessions:
Continuous guidance is available for both high-school students (9-12) and their parents during the whole academic year. Parents and students can contact and meet the counselor any time during the academic year.

• Students Career Pathways:
Students are receiving guidance and support when choosing their elective courses, different workshops are done to help students build their career pathways based on the proposed electives.

• University Open House:
Student and their parents are invited to the University Open House at IPSJ where national and international universities visit the school and help students learn more about admission requirements, scholarships, etc…,

• Career Talk:
Experts from the industry meet with high-school students and talk about various topics related to the needed jobs and skills for different careers.

• Future Career Foresight:
Students participate in the career foresight workshops in which they learn more about the different careers for the future and then create their own career project based on the workshop.

• National and International Requirements:
The counselor provides the needed support and knowledge for IPSJ students concerning graduation and college admission requirements nationally and internationally.

• National Admissions & Placement Office (NAPO):
The counselor guide students through the process of applying to NAPO application, including college application, university majors, letters of recommendation, predicted scores and transcripts, etc…

• Common App and UCAS:
the University and Career Counseling Unit provides the needed help and support for students through the international college application, letter of recommendation, predicted scores, etc…

• Work Placement- Job shadowing:
The counselor facilitate and arrange for students to spend a whole week of training in a company outside the school to practice work environment and learn new skills.

• University Visits and Career Fairs:
Students have the opportunity to visit universities and career development events outside the school to expand their knowledge about universities and develop their skills.

• Parents Relations:
The counselor works on strengthening the dialogue with parents through communicating the right information to parents such; scholarships, MOE and KHDA regulations and updates, accreditation, equivalency, grading, etc…,

• Community Service:
The counselor will help high-school students (9-12) accomplish 75 hrs. of community service during their high-school years by creating volunteering opportunities.

• Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Universities:
The CCCU is building a real partnership with national and international universities to facilitate students’ transition to universities and benefit from arising opportunities. IPSJ has signed two memorandums of understanding (MOU) with the American University in Dubai and the Dubai university so that students and staff can benefit from scholarship opportunities.


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